Our Program

We continually invest in our school facilities. Children gain confidence by watching seeds they plant in our Day School garden grow right before their eyes. The playground allows for free play with outdoor sensory manipulatives. Our experimentation space brings science to life and our library with technology space gives children the chance to try new things beyond what is typical in a preschool setting.

Each student attends a weekly class with Melody Makers. They learn about the fundamentals of music, key composers and they have a lot of fun! They put what they have learned to work in our Christmas and Spring concerts.

Weekly chapel time fosters the spirit of each child and celebrates our connection to God through the mediums of story and song. We also have a number of community service projects throughout the year, using our talents as artists to bring joy to people both nationally and internationally.

We use the award winning Handwriting Without Tears program. Its multi-sensory approach addresses different learning styles and invites active participation. Development builds on what children have previously learned and inspires confidence in this important building block in elementary school readiness.

The Curriculum

Toddler Classes: Ages 1 & 2
The children practice important social skills such as trusting others outside their families and gaining independence. In addition, assertiveness is learned in socially acceptable ways through participating in daily circle time and attending chapel and music weekly. Ratio for teacher to student is 1:4.

The Caterpillars: Ages 2 & 3 years
The focus for the children is on fine motor activities. A typical day includes group time, story time, dance parities, and free-play. Children enjoy weekly chapel, music, library and Spanish classes. The ratio for teacher to student is 1:8.

The Butterflies: Ages 3 & 4 years
Thematic units are used in promoting sensory-based learning, and an overview of the alphabet is incorporated during the school year. Children begin to focus on handwriting and sensory based learning. They enjoy weekly chapel, music, library and Spanish lessons. Ratio for teacher to student is 1:8.

Pre-Kindergarten: 4-5 years
The learning environment in the classroom is geared toward developing social, academic, and behavioral skills in order to promote a smooth transition to Kindergarten. The children enjoy weekly chapel, music, library and Spanish lessons. The ratio for teacher to student is 1:9.

Pre-Kindergarten: 5 years
Our FIVES class is specifically designed for children who are eligible to attend Kindergarten but need an additional year of preschool to make the transition.

Experiences for Your Children:

Playground: SJDS features a newly renovated playground and garden, and all classes have a minimum of 30 minutes of playground time each day.