Invitation to Enter into Discernment

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St. John’s of Lynchburg, Virginia is a wonderful place to call home.  If you are an inspirational, intellectually-challenging preacher.  If you are an energetic, visionary leader.  If you are an approachable pastor to all generations.  If you are an inventive, inclusive community builder we want to hear from you.  We want someone who will meet us where we are and guide us to where God calls us. If you feel called to enter into discernment with St. John’s, Lynchburg we want to hear from you. Please send Rev Canon Jonathan Harris your OTM portfolio, resume and references, as well as a cover letter.

Please contact: The Rev Canon Jonathan Harris, Diocese of Southwestern Virginia

Email Address:

Phone: (800) 346-7982 Ext 122 OR

Mobile: (540) 588-4586