Who We Are

St. John’s Today

Church Mission

In 2015, St John’s undertook an examination of our future.  A commission was formed and began its work with the springboard:

Live your faith and share your life.

Remembering our rich past as a hundred year old parish, yet still vibrant and dynamic, we formed a committee to consider our mission for the future.  The group developed a Mission Action Plan (MAP) to proclaim and profess our tenets:

We  live  by faith,  share Christ’s  love, and are a  voice of hope for  all.

Our core values as a parish were determined to be:

Worship: We  are grounded  in Scripture, prayer,  and engaging worship.

Fellowship: We  share a Christ-centered  relationship that welcomes,  loves, and cares for each individual.  

Community: We  embody Christ’s  love in relationship,  caring for the needs of others  through prayer, fellowship, ministering  and service.  

We defined our Community  as simply wherever we are  at a given moment.

We  live  our faith;  therefore, St.  John’s community  is wherever we are.  It is not about geography,  it is about us – both inside  and outside of the church.

Annual Goal Setting

Every year our St. John’s Vestry sets annual goals at its retreat in January to shape the work of the current year.  Goals are set and assigned to a Commission for implementation.

Vestry Goals for 2018:

  • Continue to develop program of Invite, Welcome & Connect (Parish Life & Care Commission)

  • Connect to Community in hopes of increasing membership and expanding volunteer base:

    • St. John’s Day School (Christian Formation Commission)

    • Parishioners (Parish Life & Care Commission)

    • Elderly (Parish Life & Care Commission)

  • Community at Large (Outreach/Mission Commission and PR/Branding)

  • Transition well (Vestry Commission)

    • Retain and support staff through transition

    • Support congregation through transition

    • Search

    • Send Off

    • Increase Vestry presence at events

  • Improve Communication (Committee on Administration)

    • Continue to develop and increase participation in REALM

    • Improve website with mobile enhancements

    • Improve social media presence

  • Build Stewardship (Committee on Administration)

Current Vestry list

 Our Rector Search Committee:  Charlie Schindler (chair), David Bice, Jata Craighill, Tripp Duerson, Janet Hickman, Scott Kowalski, Doug Lee, Javaun Moradi, Meghan Moss, Elaine Passman, Anne Wood, Betsy Worthington