Parents are an important factor in the success of our Day School. We asked some of them to share their experiences. If you have questions and would like to speak to a parent of a currently enrolled child we would be happy to make the connection for you - just let us know! 

We asked some parents to share their thoughts on the school…

“We made wonderful friends at the school with the teachers, students and families, SJDS provides a warm and loving atmosphere in which the children were wonderfully prepared both socially and academically to start Kindergarten.”

Kris Lloyd

“We found the teachers to be engaging, creative and well experienced in child development. The size of the school is large enough to allow diverse activities but small enough to have an intimate, loving atmosphere. The schools facilities are cheerful and inviting.” Anne & Bunny Wood

“I can say without reservation that St. John’s was the perfect fit for our family. It is a wonderful, nurturing place where children are encouraged to explore their independence. SJDS helped each of our children to be well prepared both socially and academically as well as to be successful in Kindergarten.” Laura Hamilton

“St. John’s Day School has been like a second home for our children. With the love and direction the teachers provide, our sons have been encouraged to be their own unique selves while thriving socially, academically and physically.” Meghan and Gene Moss